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Một chuyện đau lòng

From Los Angeles Times:
…She had been searching in the United States for three months, lifting blankets off men and women who had somehow fallen into its sewers. Now she knelt and lifted one more…
RIGHT away she knew it was him, even through his thick, tangled beard and his long, unkempt hair. He was sleeping, curled in a fetal position, and she startled him awake. She knelt, looking closer. She recognized his overbite, his eyes that were so much like his father’s, the scar on his left brow he got as a kid, jumping on a bed with his brother.
She was shaking. Looking at him, she couldn’t speak. When words came, she told him through her tears who she was and that she had come across the world to find him.
You have the wrong person, he said. You’re not my mother. My mother is sick in Vietnam and ready to die.
She begged him to let her hug him, but he refused. His only possessions were his blanket, a windbreaker, a pocketknife, and 69 cents.
Why would you want to hug a homeless man? he said. Wouldn’t you be ashamed?
She planted herself on the pavement, refusing to budge. Afraid he would run away, she grabbed his collar and held him. He kept saying, Let go of me, woman. But she had not flown 8,000 miles and walked for three months to go home without him…

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  1. Anonymous
    20/12/2006 at 12:34 am

    Mỗi lần đọc tiếng Anh l thấy buồn ngủ. Đy l 1 trong rất t lần, đọc 1 mạch hết 1 bi bo tiếng Anh (d tra từ điển tm lum). Hnh v đọan kết xc động nhất!
    Cm ơn chị! Lần sau c bi no hay, nhớ post ln cho em coi với nh

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