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Your life. Your pain. Your struggle. Your riding into the sunset to escape yourself.

I always knew. Never fully comprehended.

I always meant to write back. Didn\’t.

Did it matter even if I had?

It was probably just too exhausting to try living.

The road didn\’t help. The rides didn\’t. The meetings didn\’t. And your God didn\’t. Apparently.

I don\’t believe in eternity.

I just hope you found peace, even just a blink of it, in that last moment.

So long, Pat.

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  1. Anonymous
    17/09/2008 at 9:07 pm

    Chi oi. Patrict bị sao rồi? C chuyện g thế chị. C phải anh ấy mất rồi khng? Buồn qu.

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