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Big Brother

So he got tagged. Two diligent guys have slept at his (building) door for a good ten days now. They followed him around, taking photos of him enjoying some cheap noodles in the morning, pricey coffee during the day, and carrot juice in the evening (his eyes were swelling as usual, and someone said carrot might help).

He tried to spice up his routine to entertain them, but there’s just so much you can do in a city of traffic jams. He felt for their wives. They must be tough cookies to let their men sleep around like that. But, most of all, he felt embarrassed, for no one actually came over to his house for something serious these days. Girls used to stay overnight. Guys too, when they wanted good VSOP. If they actually took him in now, he would have no story for people to gossip about.

That was how my friend discussed his grave situation. We laughed. Something is just plain ridiculous. Who knows George Orwell is still damn relevant. Twenty years or so have passed since we proudly talked about the Reform. There was this phrase, “We’ve come a long way,” that in early years of the Reform, people liked to say. It signified the magnitude of what has been happening back then. These days, people stay silent about what’s happening. Discussion happens when someone has a point to make. No one really has any point to make now.

Another friend of mine says, being a journalist, she feels depressed. Not that she wants to convey political messages all the time in her reports. She loves fashion, exotic resorts, and good-looking men. But the thought that when there comes a time she wants to do it, she can’t, is unbearable.

I told the friend who got tagged that nothing would happen to him. After all, he’s just an uninteresting figure that won’t make the news for a day. No embassies would stick their neck out to call for his release. No online petition would be signed. What’s the point of all the fuss?

Then I realized, we were talking logic, and logic wouldn’t apply here. He’s a writer, he writes well, and he just won’t budge. Case closed.

So I told him, try to stir things up by bringing someone back home tonight. We’ll cheer for you if you get taken in while a beauty is in company.

We need some reason to laugh at all this, otherwise…

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  1. Duky
    11/07/2009 at 1:13 pm

    I hope it is not the well-known blogger HD or his skinny friend DTQ.

    Hmm, maybe he can go to unusual places (bars, cho cau^` muo^’i, etc.), talk to complete strangers sporadically, take pictures with the two diligent officials. Or leave the house in the middle of the night, in a very suspicious way (out of the window ?), just to take a leak somewhere and go back to sleep.
    It’s not everyday that you can play cat&mouse, knowing that no matter how bad you’re in the game, the cat can’t really do anything.

    At least, for now.

    But that’s the point isn’t it? If the day would eventually come, then there’s nothing he could have done to avoid it.

  2. leminhs
    17/07/2009 at 9:37 pm

    It’s the whole jungle out there! ?
    However, your imaginary friend sounds like a BIG BABY.
    Just tell him to get real!

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