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Trying Google Instant

Google Instant just came out, causing quite a buzz in the last few days. Results with every letter, it boasts.

I tried typing in the alphabet, and here was what Google suggested in an instant.

a = amazon; b = best buy; c = craigslist; d = dictionary; e = ebay; f = facebook; g = gmail

h = hotmail; i = ikea; j = jetblue; k = kohls; l = lowes; m = mapquest; n = netflix; o = orbitz

p = pandora; q = quotes; r = REI; s = sears; t = target; u = usps; v = verizon; w = weather

x = xbox; y = yahoo; z = zillow

Google claims to predict what users want when they type. Are predictions based on users’ search history? Customized or aggregated? If the former, then I’ve been doing too much online shopping apparently. If the latter, then the whole online universe seems like a big shopping mall.

Also tried to start with something generic, like ‘this is…’ and Google completed the sentence ‘…why you’re fat.” Now that’s NOT cool!

Finally, tried typing ‘theory spiral’ (to look for spiral of silence theory) and Google rewarded me with one link relevant to my true intent (even though not a good content page) out of the first 10 links.

Not yet excited about the new product.

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