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The Social Network (and its aftermath)

I just can’t escape The Social Network these days.

Watched the movie last Friday. Got carried away. Wrote a lengthy review. Discarded it. Wrote another one. Discarded it again.

In the mean time, information about the movie and the tale of Facebook kept emerging. Today, it was reported that Mark Zuckerberg himself took the staff to watch the movie. Must have been fun to be called an asshole by a pretty girl on the big screen. I guess he wouldn’t mind one bit. When you build an empire of half a billion residents, become the youngest billionaire, and are as young as 26 years old, being called names is just amusing.

But I’m so curious. Did the real Mark see any glimpse of himself in the briliant Jesse Eisenberg who played him? Did he feel nostalgic about the college dorm era? And ultimately, did he feel the true spirit of his adventure was there on the screen?

As an audience, I was so into the movie I wondered if the real Mark had the same awkwardness, quirkiness and cockiness as the actor who played him. I wondered if his life was as fast as the way Jesse walked and talked, and if his conversations were as punchy. I wonder if he had that energy, that fire, and that relentless ambition in him — all at the age of 19.

If he was all that at 19, wow.

There are nearly 7 billion human beings on earth at the moment. Around 2 billion are Internet users. Facebook empire rules half a billion. Partners at Facebook said the empire is essentially ‘the Mark’s show.’

I can’t get over the fact that the guy is 26, and his creative machine matured at 19.

I remember my smart, brilliant, intelligent friends in college who spent countless hours playing computer games and billiards and cards in the name of courtship and heartbreak. I remember myself.

Don’t we all wish we could turn back time? Don’t we all wish the heartbreaks would fuel our desire to create something grand and lasting, instead of leaving us with only ‘life experience’ (which practically means ‘nothing’)?

To be there again. With a sense of purpose.

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