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The state of the Union address is an annual address presented by the President of the United States. The talk is important, as it outlines future agenda and priorities of the US government. It affects over 307 million citizens. It affects the whole country. It might affect other countries, too, depending on the issues.

Just wondering, then, how should it be compared to the following addresses? Which should be paid more serious attention to?

The state of Google presented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google has nearly 776 million users worldwide (as of 2009).

The state of Facebook presented by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has half a billion users, with 250 million daily users, worldwide (as of 2010).

The state of Twitter presented by Evan Williams. Twitter has 190 million users worldwide tweeting 65 million times a day (as of 2010).

Silly, you may say. I’m intrigued by the thought, however.

Just can’t help being fascinated by the possibility that one can lead and expand an empire of hundreds of millions without having to run a campaign every four years, provided that one is smart enough to listen to its pulse. That one can communicate with the ‘citizens’ in an instant. That one can defy distance and differences.

(And, at the same time, that one can be citizen of different empires at once just by filling some online forms and remembering the passwords.)

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