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The Leak

Update 1. Below is the last correspondence, dated Nov 26, 27 & 28, between Wikileaks and US embassy in the UK regarding the dissemination.





Some quick notes on the unfolding story of Wikileaks’ release of U.S. diplomatic documents.

– Didn’t know the Espionage Act could be used against non-US individuals. And, using a 1917 Act against a 2010 case is just plain funny.

– Doesn’t it sound ironic that someone exposing espionage activities around the world might be charged under the Espionage Act?

– United States vs. Assange, if ever goes to court (which court, can’t phantom), would be the trial of the world. Literally. Would love to know who would jump on the defense board.

– Before Wikileaks, it was assumed that diplomats played spies. Now it is known that they conduct identity theft. And Mrs. Clinton calls them ‘innocent people’ building ‘peaceful relations.’ How cute!

– U.S. diplomats do have good sense of humor. Sarkozy is regarded as an ’emperor with no clothes’. Putin is ‘Batman.’ Kim Jong-Il is ‘flappy old chap.’ Can’t wait to see the description of my Head of State.

– Poor The New York Times. Now that The Guardian is accessible worldwide, who needs to wait for NYT to negotiate with the Obama Administration!

– The U.S. media now talk about ‘the international uproar‘ over the leak. No, it’s not the international uproar. It’s the US uproar, you silly. International media seem to enjoy the leak as much as their audiences. Who could resist such a giant chunk of information?


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