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A finite brilliance

I wonder if any researcher, especially in social science, could outlive the issue he devoted his time on.  The way I see it, a researcher shed some light on an issue at a particular time, then followed and kept studying it for a while, maybe a few decades. Then he grew old, while the issue kept evolving. Then at the end of his research career, if he still cared, he would look back and likely see all kinds of new factors coming in that his works did not address/anticipate. But his time would be up and he would have to rely on someone else to pick up the thread.

How frustrating is that? Read more…

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17/09/2008 1 comment
Your life. Your pain. Your struggle. Your riding into the sunset to escape yourself.

I always knew. Never fully comprehended.

I always meant to write back. Didn\’t.

Did it matter even if I had?

It was probably just too exhausting to try living.

The road didn\’t help. The rides didn\’t. The meetings didn\’t. And your God didn\’t. Apparently.

I don\’t believe in eternity.

I just hope you found peace, even just a blink of it, in that last moment.

So long, Pat.

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